Help... Missing stuff.... again

playing pvp, online…

logged in today, just played yesterday, to find that my tanning station was empty. the station is in my house. the event log showed nothing regarding the tanning station, the thral, or the skins.

i really enjoy this game but being able to properly save is one of the basic principles of a good game. how do i get my stuff (aka my hours that i spent collecting my stuff) back?

also, this is not the first time that i’ve been missing things when i logged back in.

Sounds like a PC master race problem never seen this happen on PS4 lol. All jokes aside your on a pvp server given exploits you positive someone is not taking your stuff? There are cases where people under-mesh to get into peoples houses. But just to steal some leather is kind of silly.


hahah. right! i’m a ps4 person at heart. just recently got into pc to play wt some folks at work.

Is it near a window? cause players could go into crafting inventories to steal things from a window also check around your building and make sure none of you crafting stations is sticking through the way that’s another way players can access the inventory … I’ll admit I’m guilty on doing both of these things to players in the beginning when I first started playing this game in EA the temptation was just to strong and it’s not my fault players can’t build correctly and avoid using windows

sticking through a wall … correction

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