Help needed to set server settings for stamina

Hi, My husband and I just rented a GPortal server yesterday for Conan Exiles. We are completely new to renting a server and needed some help.We are not technically minded, but have managed to work out most of the server settings. We are struggling with the setting for stamina. Our characters stamina drains very, very quickly. While many of the settings explain whether to set the number higher or lower, it didn’t have that for stamina. The default is 1.0, should we make that number higher or lower to have more stamina? Any help greatly appreciated.

I believe lower slows how much stamina you use when doing anything.

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OK, thankyou…will try a lower number. I think we were making the number higher.

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@Birder is correct lower number decreases the drain on your stamina. Many of the server settings are counterintuitive on Gportal good thing is several are adjustable ingame using admin. @Squirrelladd

Wait till you see what’s in store for you tomorrow :smiley:

The lower the multiplier, the slower your stamina will drain.

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Don’t be mean, @Xevyr ! :smile:

Excellent, ty

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We read about the big update…just waiting to see what happens…lol


I’m not mean :smiley: It’s just a bit funny that we have a game update coming in a day that increases stamina usage by like 5x but they found even the old version too much.

I’m not really sure players are going to like it…

I’m not sure we will like it…lol…if it a huge drain on stamina. We messed with the settings and it seemed good when we played last night. Now of course the new update will change all that. Thanks for all the replies anyway