Help needed. with Island Expansion

I have played Conan actually since it came originally on the market. Now we got the Island Expansion and I was soooo happy! Somehow though, seem to have not luck with it. It keeps crashing.
Now I cannot even get into it any longer. On Seam it says “running” when really nothing is happening.
Even when I wanted to uninstall it to reinstall I get the following message

'Failed to uninstall Conan…"
“an unexpected error occurred while uninstalling this application”
Thanks Steam

So anyway, bought this expansion and all previous ones and thanks a lot, now I can not only NOT play it but cannot even get rid of it! Look I am a grandma of 76yo but still ‘on the ball’ in general and love gaming. But of course my computer skills are not that good - heck when I was young there were not even mobile phones! and the Internet was kind of a strange word!

So anyway, don’tknow what to do, since this game is still ‘running’ on Steam it interferes with all my other Steam games as well…and lately Steam washes their hands on everything and says to go to producers of the game…

did you try to open your task manager ( ctrl + alt + del will open a page with some options one of them is to open the task manager of windows ) , if your game is still running in a process you may have to find the associated process ( it should normaly be seen as “conansandbox” or you should see Funcom wrote somewhere ) then stop/terminate the process manualy , you can also restart your computer if this steps are a bit complicated for you ( restarting should kill the process ) . after this try again to uninstall ( if you want to uninstall ) it should work normally

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Excellent suggestion/instructions.

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