Help please! event log? not working?

Okay so WHY? does the event log just say another player when somebody has took stuff from you or is this a setting that I can adjust on G portal or the admin panel can’t find anything on it, but I would like people to know who’s taking what from who on my server because it causes more chaos in the server👹 TIA

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It is a setting, i am not at my pc but i think it is called event privacy. The default is admin but you can change it as an admin. It is also visible on the in-game ui for the server settings (i think under the general tab).


It may be tied into the setting that allows you to see the name of the clan who’s base you are walking up to. I have that turned on on our server and last I checked if if I left unlocked chests laying out for players to pick items out of their name’s showed up although it has been a while since I have done so that is on Gportal Playstation private sever. @Rasputin1509

If you are still looking for it. This is the setting:


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