Help please we need help

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PLEASE HELP - the last 6 days a flood of Chinese players flooded the server - openly discussing in the chat that they ant to destroy the server - they are 43 registered players by now - spamming the chat - cheating using exploits and glitches… the are determent to destroy everyone and declared war on all of us we need an admin to help with the situation… it is the official SERVER # 1092 they are spamming and blocking the chat right now!!!

I would suggest uploading a few screenshots. Eighter as namecalling in forums or to not do that, maybe sending a private message to one of the community managers helps as well?
If anything can be done, its banning their steam ids I guess…
So they will need these.

Gather all supplies you nees to restart on your person. Find a very hidden spot. Log out. Wait till they get bored and move to the next server, start over with an empty realm to enjoy.

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