Help pls.. Access Denied - Failed to retrieve suspension information

No, it makes it false. Funcom explicitly states in your pic that land claim (which we are talking about) is 7 days. Then they go and issue a longer ban then that, which I have also stated that is at the whim of whomever does the banning…

That means their chart is meaningless if they dont follow their own guidelines. Thats all Im saying. I have proof that they lied about what they claim (or are so stupid the guy who does the banning has never seen that chart)

Yes, thats very possible. And that can go from players right up to Funcom too. And if you look at the chart Xevyr posted, we have the proof that Funcom lies to its players. Thats why trust in them in fading.

Yes. When referring to one thing out of many, it often helps to indicate which you are talking about.

When you revert to semantics, it doesnt look good for your side of the discussion. Everyone knows what the topic is.

There is also those that cant believe such weak things can break the rules.

Ok, done with being nice, give me the time out.

Seriously dude, there is a level to this discord you fail to comprehend. Every time you respond you prove you don’t understand what people have posted.

I was laughing at the fact you seem to have a list of bans yet seem to think you understand the TOC. You obviously don’t.

A time out has a time limit of suspension from the public servers.
A ban has no time limit. You just suspended.
It’s not “semantics” so you have no idea what the word means.

The admin investigating making a judgement call is not funcom lying to players. I know you can’t comprehend that, but there it is.

An example, say I file a land claim abuse report against some one for using thralls to block me building. The rules say you can’t use foundations; or items that claim land like torches, brazers, or ornaments. But says nothing about thralls being used to block building because they are not land claims.

The admin investigating judges that since they do block building they fall under the land claim abuse rule, and deletes the offending thralls. But since it doesn’t violate the word of the rule he just gives the player a 3 day time out, with an explanation and a warning not to repeat; yes I know but it’s how it aught to be done.

Now is that funcom lying or zendesk admin making a judgement call?

“I’m right, you’re wrong”.

Instead of making arguments where there is none. What am I not understanding from the ToS?

Please. In this thread, quote me where I’m wrong.

A suspension (or time out as you say) for 7 days from official servers means you cannot access official servers for 7 days no matter how many times you try to connect.

A ban for 7 days from official servers means you cannot access official servers for 7 days no matter how many times you try to connect.

Please, prove this wrong again.

Two entirely different points. Please tell me you see that.

Can you believe it’s both? The admin giving out the ban indeed made a judgement call that proves what Funcom told us to be wrong. Land claim/building violations are 7 days. That’s what we are told. When an admin runs around handing out 3 day and 30 day bans for the same infraction it shows that Funcom says one thing and does another. What do we call that? Inconsistency? Left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing? Lying? Dishonesty? Doesn’t matter what you call it, it doesn’t paint Funcom as truthful to its players, hence why above ^^^ I stated such.

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This is where the disconnect is. The chart is a guideline. They may follow it, they may not. The reason it exists is for a baseline and nothing more.

This would be a bit different if you entered into some sort of an agreement. For example if it was a server with a monthly subscription, you would be entitled to services as well as adherence to a guideline both for you and the ones moderating.

But there was no such agreement, and no guarantee of services. You play for free, on a server provided at cost (in some form) to Funcom, as a courtesy.

In this case if they decided to ban you for a reason, on the first offense, for something not on the list, for something as benign as dying your armor a certain color, not only are they entitled to do so, but they would be righteous to do so.

The problem most of you players have is you think its a game. You want to look at a chart and want to rules lawyer up about how you are close to the line and not over it. You want specific limits so you can inch all the way up to them. You want to mince words when actions are taken against you (something you’ve been doing for over a year now).

But its not a game. Its not even a thought to Funcom. You can make all the posts and threads about how they are inconsistent, don’t follow their own rules, and whatever. It doesn’t matter. You’re banned, you’re going to stay banned. And they aren’t even listening. The person who handled your administrative action has long forgotten they handled your ticket. You’ve fallen through the cracks as far as they are concerned.

And you have changed nothing for anyone else. People who play like you get banned too. Those who you intend to warn on your futile crusade of banned martyrdom go ‘oh that sucks for that guy’ and continue playing on the servers like they always have.

All you’ve been able to do is gratify a small part of your own ego when you make posts like this. And don’t take this post as an insult or a criticism. Its not. This is just a stark blunt truth, you’re not making any impact and you’re wasting your own efforts on this.

It’s very rare that it happens. Having paid close attention to this matter for quite some time as you probably know, I’ve noticed that there has been discrepancies in how reports are actioned.

At the time it was a 3 day suspension and only 1 build was affected. As far as we know there were no reports against us and it was the result of investigation based on a report we made. There was an undermesh from a hacker next door.

The explanation included information that while investigating another report they noticed our build was against ToC. The reason was blocking pathway.

However, in learning as much as I can about this there is still no clarification to this day about whether blocking pathway is actually an infraction other than “other areas of the game”. Additionally, the true infraction would have actually been blocking a POI as there is a ghost and chest present in that location.

We learned well from that experience. 3 days seemed fair based on the situation. I am not sure if the employee took pity on us and that is why it was only 3 days but I’ve not seen any other situations that had a suspension that long.

But I have seen others share that only 1 build is affected.

My subsequent suspensions resulted in full removal of all builds with no explanation and I’ll maintain to this day without justification.


Completely agree.

What i am leading at we dont k ow all the info other than from 1 side. Were there other clan mates who got caught doing more nefarious things. Other server ckan ties. All those can easiky be left out and focus is on one thing. My experience is most people always play down how much other satelite issues were involved.

If so, then they maybe need to state it as such. “Heres the ToS, heres what happens if you break them”. Sounds fairly straightforward. Can you not see why people question or get upset when Funcom doesnt follow what they say?

And do you not think that would spark outrage from people who would get banned for something that is not even listed in the ToS? I understand Funcom fanboys (not saying you) would agree with your statement because ‘Funcom oh so great’, but look at the bigger picture in this example. Who would it negatively effect?

In a way yes. PvP servers are ruthless in any game. If you dont think so, youve never played PvP. Sorry, thats a fact. In games where its competitive any player that has the drive and desire to win, will win at any cost without breaking rules that would result in bans, or suspensions. When youre banned, you cant win. So, those players absolutely need rules that are clear, defined, and 100% understandable by all involved. At that point, yes people will come within inches of the rules because they are within the rules to do so. People cant complain about a speed limit of 70 then whine when people do 69.

Please find me anywhere that Ive done this. I have stated that I got banned several times in various threads. Ive corrected people who have stated false things about ban lengths. Ive stated about how silly some of the rules Funcom has. Ive stated how I disagree with them. Ive never once said I was innocent. Somehow, people love to twist my words.

Yup, and we can do the same thing with every issue in the game, from followers having terrible AI for pathing right down to legendary weapons not being able to be fixed.

And how is this relevant to any discussion thats gone on in this thread? No one has brought this up or even disputed it. Man, and Im accused of hijacking.

If you even read anything Ive said, not once did I ever try to even remotely do that.

Fine and dandy. People can play as they wish. Next time I see someone come onto a thread and claim “Funcom only bans you for 7 days for land claim” Im going to jump in and say thats a lie. Its not true. You can defend others and Funcom on this as much as you like, but the person I replied to originally is wrong, and I am right. Actually, much the same as you jump into threads to correct people who state wrong things. Hmm.

Ooh, saving this line for when you jump into a topic to correct people. Gonna feel great to do so.

So is every post on these forums for the last 5 years, but here we are, and they will continue onwards.


I swear to Set trying to explain anything to you is like trying to explain gravity to a gold fish.
You just fail to comprehend that you fail to comprehend.

Lets try this. Your eyes have no blue color receptors, everyone else does. You look at a wall and see its red. You say look at that red wall we look and see it is purple, because our eyes have blue color receptors. Doesn’t matter how many time we explain the wall is purple you can’t see blue so only see a red wall. Now that is breaking it down to crayolas.

But I am quite sure you are thinking, “what has the TOC and bans got to do with the color of my eyes”.

Doesnt matter how many times I tell you its red, your head is in the sand.

See, I can dumb it down too, and its the same “Im right your wrong” attitude you carry into every conversation. ■■■■, at this point, I dont even know why you are arguing. There has been literally zero in this discussion that Ive said that can even remotely be false, or have any other interpretation.

No, Im wondering why you are arguing a point no one is making. Please, for the sake of 200 replies of back and forth, go back and read my very first post in this thread, and the person I was replying too. Maybe then youll see why youre the only one in left field.

Don’t get mad at me because you fail to understand ever the crayola explanation.

The TOC give examples of land claim abuse using foundations. So people think it’s only foundations that count so use torches, brazers, and ornaments to prevent people from building. ANYTHING that claims land when you place can be counted as land claim abuse. There is the letter of the law “foundations” and the spirit of the law “land claim”. I know that is a bit beyond you but I write for readers, not just you.

Smartest thing you have said so far.

Once again, letter of the law and spirit of the law. No actual law about being a dick, but…

I’ve played the game since it dropped, guess how many game time outs I’ve gotten?
Forum time outs don’t count.

Takes 2 to argue :rofl:

Bet you have no idea how ludicrous that statement is.

Has your bottom lip touched your chin yet?

“Im right, youre wrong”. Yes, I understand your point of view.

First, land claim is land claim no matter how you do it. Thats a ToS violation. When have I stated otherwise? Hint: I never did, nor did I ever insinuate otherwise.

Second: Official Server Building Restrictions

Please remember that other players share the server with you. Do not restrict access to unique or high-value in-game content.

Specific cases that represent unique, high-value content or behavior that prevents other players’ gameplay:

  • Blocking of content in the game, such as dungeons, obelisks, lore stones, recipes, resources, unique NPCs, and other areas of the game.
  • Abuse of the claim system where blocks are placed for no other purpose than to prevent other players’ access to resources and building spots.
    Please also check out our documentation about Land Claim Abuse on Official Servers for more information.
  • Constructions leading to loss of performance both on client and server side.
  • Blocking or Walling in other players’ bases.
  • Using land claim rules to prevent the expansion of another player’s base when not adjacent to your own base.

See the link? Yup, shows torches as example in the official ToS. There is no grey area on what items you place that grants you landclaim. Its anything that can claim land. A nice, clear definition that leaves no doubt. Feel free to click on the link to see for yourself, just in case you think Im making stuff up.

…buuuuuuuut people are on competitive PvP servers. Doesnt mean you get to report them because they come within an inch of the rules. Your feelings dont matter when players follow the rules.

Dont know, dont care, and irrelevant to the conversation. If you have some evidence that Funcom indeed holds true to their ban timers, feel free to share. If you have evidence that contradicts Funcom, by all means, share it too.

Aside from that, youre only arguing to see your name in the forums.

Sure does. Yet somehow, you have failed, yet again, to prove me incorrect in my original statement - my first reply in this thread. And, you never will, because it was something that happened to me…so you can either take my word on how long my ban was, or you can side with Funcom, who does absolutely zero wrong, or has never given false information/hope.

Your choice.

And that answer proves you don’t. And I bet you have no clue why.

I never said you did, it was an example based on conversations on my server. And you completely missed that part didn’t you? That was an example of what some people on my server believe, why did you not get that?

Actually it’s very relevant.

And just how many times do we have to explained those are guide lines not carved in stone times, before it finally sinks. Just how big of hammer is needed to get that through your skull? Or do you simply not understand the difference between guide lines and rules?

And just how many times have you had time outs because you THOUGHT you were following the rules. Or you were following the rules as YOU interpreted them. Or you went that inch too far trying to find out how far you could push it.

Another concept you fail to comprehend.

I have repeatedly, you just FAIL TO COMPREHEND.

Seriously dude, they is a level here you just don’t get. It’s like part of your brain has failed to develop yet. And it doesn’t matter how much I simplify it you still fail to comprehend the concepts.

And that is the problem, that is all you comprehend because you are incapable of understand anything beyond that. We are discussing concepts here you clearly fail to comprehend. And you don’t have enough understand to realize you don’t understand.

Already answered. Sorry if you dont understand it.


Yes, clearly you are talking about a conversation on your server, you explained that very clearly in the post you made about it. Which again, has literally zero to do with this thread, but keep derailing.

Ah, see now here youre arguing the exact thing my first post was about . YOU dont see that. Funcom states 7 days for landclaim abuses. A player repeats that to another. I say thats wrong and provides evidence that contradicts it. That shows that the rules arent set in stone.

Bring out the crayons again, and run off on another tangent.

None. I knew at one point my builds would trigger some poor soul who just simply wants to build in locations I already owned. Never once did I ever say anything otherwise. But hey, keep making stuff up about me all you like. I care as much about that as I do about the fact that I had a bridge someone didnt like.

Ah except we all know Funcoms rules are laid out in such a way that each player has to interpret them as best they can and hope for the best. Obviously in a competitive market players will come within an inch of legality. YOU dont see that because you dont play that way - and thats fine.

Speed limit is 70. People will come within an inch of speeding because its legal. I used this exact example to prove what Im saying, and its right. If you speed, you will get ticketed, you run that risk if you want to speed. Stay at 69 or 70 within inches of the limit and you will NEVER get a ticket.

Funcom makes a build limit of 10,000 pieces and 500 placeables on official servers. People will build 9999 or 10000 pieces and 499 or 500 pieces, coming within inches of the limit and they will NEVER be banned because its within the rules.

Sorry. I dont have access to crayons but thats the clearest I can make it.

You like to do this when your wrong, and it boils down to “Im right, your wrong, you just dont get it” Again. And again. Just stop derailing with topics no one is debating.

Bingo. Major self awareness you just had. Now apply it.

Thank you for proving me right. Seriously, you are completely clueless.

:man_facepalming: but it has everything to do with this thread.

I honestly do not know how to explain that so you will understand it, but you have made it abundantly clear you don’t understand, and can’t comprehend that you don’t.

" :sob: I’m the victim :sob: it’s all the fault of the person that reported me :sob: it’s all the fault of the poor decision of the zendesk admin :sob: me breaking the rules isn’y my fault :sob:"

See that is the part you just don’t get. The part you fail to comprehend. The part that is above your understanding. Has nothing to do with some one liking or not liking it, it was a TOC violation, regardless. And that is some thing you obviously will never understand.

No, it’s just something else that is out side your comprehension. It has nothing to do with right and wrong and you just fail to get that. Even now, anything more then that is beyond you reasoning.

Oh by all means explain this epiphany to me, I’m all ears.

Dude, seriously? Youre attempting to call me out as wrong, because you think I dont know that Funcom doesnt stick to their own ToS guidelines.

In my first reply to this thread proves exactly that , yet here you are arguing away to hear your own voice.

Nice troll. Im not a victim. Notice in the quote of me, I never said that I was innocent? That nothing was not my fault? I knew I had the land claim in the form of the bridge. It had stood there for three years. I had several compliments on it. When the rule change came in “I knew it would trigger someone” because I know there are goody two shoes that run around on servers intentionally looking for things to report because they feel good knowing they are server police. Youve admitted to doing this, or wanting to do this.

Again, I know it was and I didnt care to change it because it wasnt hurting anything on a dead server and due to the compliments over the years. I knew it would catch up to me and it doesnt bother me at all that it happened. The spot I had that? Not a single soul has built there since that build was removed. So, its a case of some triggered little soul looking to report people. Fine, do it! I dont care You seem deadlocked on the idea that I dont realize its a violation.

I always have.

You sure? Youre arguing things that dont exist.

This that you said:

…describes you. Sorry I dont have crayons to spell it out.

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Just recently I had one structure wiped and got a ban, i wasn’t even back 24 hrs and then got banned again and my other structure wiped. I tried to appeal because if the second one was also against toc why wasn’t it wiped with the first infraction. I got the automated response of not being able to appeal suspensions and that my perma couldn’t be appealed because I had too many infractions.

For sure, there can absolutely be instances and of course have been that the assumed reason is not the actual. I’m talking in terms of the server the actions happen on. Like the reason is assumed as land claim but there was a hacker in the group type stuff.

However, if you are on multiple servers in multiple clans, all the same people or varied, what happens on 1 server should not affect the clan or buildings on another. Only if they’re all the same people.

I’ve had a person in my clan that was suspended and the rest were unaffected. Turned out they had joined a clan many moons prior on another server and remained in the clan when it was actioned on. I’ve seen this happen to many others many times.

Unless of course there is something we’re not being told which seems to be what you’re leading into.

No I’m not, that is the part you don’t get.

And there you go, blaming the reporter for YOUR wrong. You are doing you damnedest to paint the reporter as the villain which makes you the hero. And everyone sees that but you.

No, I’m not. That is what you don’t get :man_facepalming:

You know when you put your hands over your eyes the world doesn’t vanish right? As in just because YOU don’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just means you’re blind to it.

:joy: and has no clue so can not possibly explain it.

That is pure :ox: :poop:

funcom needs to do a better job of admining the servers. Don’t think anyone would argue but the accountant.

So if I’m not wrong, then it means that I was right and we agree.

Then just say that in your first post instead of repeating “you don’t understand”.

I didn’t blame anyone. Find where I said that. Knowing a build is in violation and will trigger someone isn’t blaming them for reporting me. See here the part you miss - I don’t care that it all happened. Remember when I made the thread and laughed at it?

Move the goalpost.

No sh.t. No one made that argument. You’re attempting to argue it when no one else is.