Help, POI's are empty

New here and new to Conan. My first game seemed to work normally and all the POI seemed to populate as they were supposed to. I have restarted a few times after getting a decent grasp on the game play and mechanics but a few of the POI’s seem to never spawn anything in them now. The closest ones to where I have pretty much set up are Cannibals Rest and Narrowneck Span - both empty on multiple restarts and empty even if I go there before placing my first foundation down or run directly there from game start. All games on SP and when I do place my foundation down and start my first base I am not really anywhere near these 2 places.

Am I doing something wrong? Am I missing a game play mechanic where these places only populate after a certain time? I cant find anything online that gives me any indication of what is going on and I certainly have no interest in dumping a bunch of hours into a run that is bugged from the get go.

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