Help! Ps4 game issues

I played the game a lot last year prior to Isle release. Redownloaded the game… before hand every profile on the ps4 could create a character, now we can only share one character. What happened?

On October 28th 2020, Funcom announced they are disabling the use of family sharing on official servers for PC, as an anti-cheat measure.

I wonder if they also brought those changes to consoles with their parity patch. Can anyone from the @Community confirm whether this is the case?

Thats a big drag. Thanks for the reply.

As of Tuesday 15th June my Sister is able to play with a different character than her daughter on the same PS4. It doesn’t seem to be affecting their individual access to the game.

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Thank you for tagging @CodeMage. And thank you for your report @EldethVonFries.
Doesn’t seem it was something on our end, we will investigate it further.

We will update this thread once we have more information.


Hey @EldethVonFries,

We’ve reached out to you on a DM to request some details on your account.

Please check your direct messages and get back to us, so we can continue the investigation. :slight_smile:


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