Help/PVE Server has ping limit now, i can't even enter now

Well, aside of the awful server merge, now, after they announced the european list, the server i’ve been playing on for over 3 years with no connection issues has a ping limit that is imposible to match for me now, not only ill lost the buildings i’ve been working all this time and all the thralls i cared, now i’ll be transfered to a new server where i’ll probably not be able to play too or only with rotten meat in my inventory because i wasn’t ready for this, any help? can i ask somewhere to remove that nonsense ping limit, i mean, in that server (pve 3024 play station) there are like 8 active players (never at the same time) and ping was never an issue.

I’m in the same boat on pve 3503 I live on an island my only source for internet is 1 local wisp and Starlink so I have absolutely no control over my Ping.
Tonight I was fortunate to be able to login using the Wisp after Starlink was rejected only to see the server merger msg
I never had an issue before they launched Siptah
I would like to know about these mergers is our characters and all of our assets moving or just our characters?
I’ve been playing on 3503 for 2 years I do not wish to build another base again.

Check in the forums there is a post from the devs about the merge, we will lose the base and thralls, but we can carry all the stuff from the inventory to another server, but this ping issue has me blocked from even save my basic items

Yeah I read it thank you

This morning I tried to Log a new player in on 3503 so I could use it as a Mule for the Move.
No can do they have the Server locked down already even though the move isn’t slated till 3/23 for any new players.
I spent last night packing up everything that was important to me your player only has 195 slots to work with.
I didn’t have a Ping issue on either ISP Last night or this morning
I had to go thru a merger once on Everquest but in that we had a Bank that we just stuffed everything we wanted to take with us in.

Umm the server msg for the past 2 months has been Merge happening on March 30 and nothing happened?
beside me destroying my base and then getting software corrupted HDD causing me to walk off a cliff last night and dyeing then losing all my stuff as it took me around an hour to fix the HDD issue I hope that in the future when you merge you can at least have a heart and turn off drop on death for the week prior to this so called move that didn’t happen?

Here is the announcement back in feb. There is a link for the list of servers affected with the dates of merging. Please note that they have since announcing halted merging indefinitely to figure some things out on their end. The server list link shows them with open due dates. You should be able to create and transfer characters into the transfering servers to work getting some of the stuff out to other servers you play in (obviously you shoul have one person in your clan remain at the old server so that what’s remaining doesn’t decay)

As far as the server ping. I had that happen and then it stopped suddenly after submitting a zenticket over it.

My issue has something to do with the last Sony update it seems to be ok as long as I only use Lan but If I switch it over to my WiFi which for me is the faster connection it corrupts the HDD
thanks for posting that yeah I went searching for it and found the servers on hold.
this whole merge is just irritating.