Help taming Connan Exiles

I am having too many problems with the topic of animal taming, 5 days ago I am waiting for Shaleback Hatchling to tame me and not to mention the other animals, it is horrible because I look for connan’s wiki and it takes 6 hours not 5 days and not to mention horses. Please I need urgent help on this.

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Have you changed any settings? Is this single-player?

Probably is what @Narelle said, did you change some multiplier setting (if single player) in creation part. Try to reduce it by putting the multiplier in “1.0” or less.

if i put x10 on animal domestication

Don’t do that. That’ll make it take 10x as long. Do 0.1x. If you set it to 10x before that’s probably why it’s taking so long. Try getting new cubs and starting again


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