Help us help you. Launch the anticipated content soon!

I’ve been running an active server on PS4 since the game shipped. That is a 5 month old server that has stayed standing while other servers went under. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep players interested in your game.

I’ve been creating unique content for my server to keep this game interesting, because frankly, people are bored. We don’t have the luxury that PC players have with modding this game, no, we are left to our own devices to make things as interesting as possible - and even then, the admin abilities are absolutely lack luster.

I like this game. I’ve got a lot of players who like this game too. Give us some love. We really deserve it. We are working overtime for free as your marketers, advertizers, writers, designers, and developers. Maybe we can be interviewed in “Meet the devs” next week? This week’s and last week’s newsletter was unnacceptable. Please Funcom, don’t do us like this. The amount of work we put in to keep people interested in your game is unacceptable. Please help us help you.

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