Help - Vocano and Bucaaneer bay empty of anyone

Hi Hugo

I think from memory I logged in at my base near Buccaneer Bay and like I said noticed that there was panthers across from the ship on its side

Went to the merchant section they were all back as was other npcs

Went to volcano via map room and it was back to normal

Next time I logged in, it was back to being empty and hasn’t been back to normal since then

I haven’t been playing since we last spoke …but I just logged in again at Bucanner Bay camp and the game is still the same…empty of NPC

Ok I’m not 100% sure what you mean by increasing spawn rate ?

I went into server setting, selected make me admin

Went to combat, put NPC respawn multiplier slider all the way up to 10

Press circle to get out , the selected , exit to main menu

Logged in again and Buch Bay still empty ?

Is this what you meant ?

The NPC Respawn Multiplier should be set to the lowest value, 0.1, to ensure that the spawn rates will be the fastest, as Wak4863 has mentioned above.

After restarting the game and playing for a while, if the issue persists, we’re likely dealing with some sort of savegame/database corruption. Do you happen to have an earlier backup that you could restore?

Ok thanks I will try this

As I said I’m on PS4 …as far as I know there is no save option ? Just exit to main menu that “saves” the game

So I’m not sure how I could have a previous save ?

Iif the save is corrupt what does that mean ?, I have to start the game all over again ?

I’ve been playing constantly since it was on the PSN store and have bought both season passes

I’m not sure after all this time I can start again from scratch ?

Why did return to normal once ?

Could it be fixed in a new patch when it updates ?

Or do I just have to play it with no volcano and buccaneer bay/ new Asgard being less than what it is supposed to be ?

The game saves automatically and some users do back up their save to pen drives as a precaution.

As we’ve been unable to reproduce this behavior on our end we can only assume that something is wrong with the savegame/database, which could happen due to disk errors or game crashes, for example. Should that be the case, it won’t be solvable by patching, only by restoring an earlier save or starting a new game.

It’s definitely odd that at a given time the spawns behaved normally though, so please let us know if setting the respawn multiplier to the lowest ( fastest ) value does anything within your next couple of play sessions. Any further information will undoubtedly be helpful to determine if this is indeed an issue we can reproduce and fix, or a save file problem.

Hi Hugo

Changing the respawn rate made no difference

I assumed as much , that I had no way of retrieving a previous save, so I restarted again from scratch

Luckily I realised I can use the admin panel to replace things I lost so it’s not a total disaster …:slight_smile:

Although I have start from level 1 etc

I don’t have a hard copy, my game came thru the PSN PlayStation Plus so it’s stored on my hard drive

So I haven’t been to the volcano as yet but Buccaneer Bay is restored as is the animal training camp so I assume that the Volcano is normal as well

Agree it was strange that one time it reverted back to normal but alas it only happened once so I took the decision to start again

Thanks for your help and have a great weekend

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Hi Hugo

As I said, I started the game again and wiped out the previous save, everything was normal , however today, I went to Buccaneer Bay tonight 9:30 pm AEST, and it’s back to being empty, no merchants no thralls no panthers

Again nothing to do with loading times or killing everyone etc

The volcano & animal training camp is ok ??

I hope don’t need to start this again 8^(

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