Help. Wartorn fodder not letting me get as a feat. Just showed up from last update

Wartorn fodder is saying I need to download the dlc for it but I have the isle of siptah already(And every other dlc) and installed but won’t let me get the feat. Has the green download dlc arrow on it. Anyone else have thos issue?

That might have been the Siptah preorder bonus.

But thing is it just showed up as a feat since last update. Was never there before

I noticed the royal armor and the sword that were early access now have pages in the dlc list and they did not before.

This is what the wiki says

“The ability to craft Wartorn Fodder was awarded to players who purchased the DLC during its public beta”

It was an extra dlc given to those who purchased the IoS during early access so probably not available on consoles.

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