Help with Ceilings?!

Hey guys! I’m having an issue with building ceilings, and not sure how to resolve it!

So I’ve got a pretty big area that I need to cover with ceilings, however when snapping ceiling to ceiling, it only extends like 5 blocks out from the wall. I was thinking maybe it’s like one of those things where I may need to place a pillar to support the ceiling, but that doesn’t seem to work. Any advice?

It helps if you make a repair hammer, that way you can view the support value for what your building. Max support is 100 and you lose 20 every block you go out.

Example a pillar on a ground level foundation is 100, then 80,60,40,20. So the max you can go from a wall or pillar is 4. You can have 2 pillars or walls 8 squares apart so that’s your max unsupported room size. Support beams can increase this, but their finicky at best right now.

Wedges work the exact same way, though to be honest they can’t cover as much area since the wedges are smaller.

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