Help With Changing Clans PS4


I am wondering if anyone out there knows how to switch clans?

Here’s the situation…
I have created a new character on Siptah. I have secured a good location I would like to keep. I want to invite my sister to play on Siptah with me, to do so I will need to make a clan on Siptah. But, when server transfer occurs, I want to bring my Exiled Lands character over, to join the clan I have created on Exiled Lands.

Is this possible to switch clans and keep my building locations on Siptah?

(I hope I explained this well enough).

Pretty sure using Funcom’s transfer, you lose everything that is not your character or in your character inventory.

So not possible then…


Well if I am reading what your intentions are correctly.

Could you not invite your sister to the clan on Siptah, transfer your character from EL to Siptah and then have her invite you to the clan?

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