HELP with constant bugged server 3075# PS4

We are a clan of 6 in the official server #3075 in PS4. The server keeps bugging. We lost countless loot because of it, including epic flawless gear, t4 thralls and loads of building materials.

1- I die.
2- I respawn inside an invisible glitched base that I cant get out of.
3- I log out.
4- I TRY to log in again but the server gets stuck in the loading screen.
5- When it finally lets us in (either hours later or the next day), the loot is long gone, and sometimes the base is still glitched.

Please do something about this, we are losing our patience with the game. It sucks that we invest hundreds of hours into a game only to loose most of the progress. Also the glitched base doesn’t only happen when we die, it keeps happening at random.

We are the Zen Men Den clan in the official PS4 server #3075

We await a response.

PS: “the tag (help) may only be applied by the staff” is really absurd. The players need help, not the staff. And “ps4” tag I cannot use it??? whats the point of tags then?

Hello @Paulifsky, welcome to the community!

Do you have similar issues playing in other servers?

Can you ensure that your console is on a wired connection and are you able to try to rebuild the PS4 database?

We’ll be sure to reach out to G-Portal to determine if there are any oddities with this specific server.

Regarding the tags, we’ll take note of your feedback, although you’re not required to use them for your posts.

I guess I’m not. Unimportant.

I’ve never had any issues in any server, aside from the occasional bugs and lag that I’m actually fine with. If this game was polished like the big games it would be one of the best games of all time IMO. Besides, this happens randomly, am I supposed to play on a different server for hours on end just to see if this happens?

I’m not with a wired connection, but I’ve always played like that. The connection is very reliable. 3 of my Spanish buds play on a wired connection though and we’re all experiencing the same. It’s not my internet. It’s the server. Every other game plays like a charm.

I’m over it though, maybe I’ll be back after some time just to see how it is, but for now I’m in some other stuff.

But please do report about the server, my buds are still playing, and there are others who do as well and they all confirmed this was also happening to them.

Peace out.

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