Help with dlc i just purchased

i just purchased the game dlc on steam sale
i activated the key in the account page
but it says i can not play Kitai cause i dont have the expansion
forum says i cant upload images,so i put a space in the . com
i.imgur. com/nuh1979 .png
i.imgur. com/tBwShy1 .png

Well you’ve done everything right so far, BUT it does sometimes take a bit for it to kick in.

Now we can’t float over the icons on your My Account page, but does one of them show Godslayer yet?

First just try logging out and back in as that sometimes is all that’s needed. On the downside it has taken up to 24 hours in the past for purchases to kick in.

If it’s not working come tomorrow, then it’s ticket time cuz somethings not right.

i have activated the key and says
turan boost
shadow of banana heim
secret of dragons spines
rice of god slayer
im verifying all files in steam ,i will wait maybe it would work later

Sometimes, you have to get the the dlc’s loaded, completely out, and then log back in. Some of these DLCs are fairly large…Best of luck. I know that Steam shows how many downloads you have in progress.

the dlc works now thanks,but i need to contact funcom gm or something,cause now the game let me claim infinite bears and turan runer thing and a cloak,it bugged!

it’s normal. you can claim that on every character you have/will have.
You can only use it once per character anyway.

That’s normal. Not only will they always be there so you can claim them on any NEW characters, but for existing one’s too.

And although it’s not a BUG, it is ‘buggy’ and you’ll see people post how it’s a pain that they just want to claim something new, and hit ‘All’ instead and then have to clear out their inventories of all the junk they already have.

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