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Hi, this is my first time posting here so I’m sorry if this is in the wrong place, the forums (as a first time user) aren’t very easy to navigate.

Context; my wife and I play on the Isle of Siptah map, and are currently building on the North Eastern most island that encompasses N/12/13 and O/12/13. We are attempting to build a sort of tribal village on the island that will (for the most part) claim the entire island.

I must stress here that absolutely zero content will be blocked for other players. All baby animal spawn points, all points of interest and all resources will remain available for all players. This island does not have any vaults or other end-game content on it either; besides the Sabretooth kittens, Black Lotus, floating flotsam and brimstone, there is very little of interest.

The plan is to (as aforementioned) build what resembles either:

A - A pirate cove
B - A tribal village

This will involve little huts, ships, ports, bridges, aesthetic lightings and other such things to bring about this desired effect, I did read the “land claim abuse” thread and this is why I wanted to ask this question, because I’d rather not waste my time for some random to come along and report us and wake up with everything deleted by an over-zealous dev/support team.

If somebody could give me a specific answer, rather than a copy and paste response, that would be very much appreciated thank you.

(I should add to this that while we are trying to build the area, we have laid down foundations on flat lands to ‘claim’ it).

Please advise. :slight_smile:

If your on PVE Server and other people are cool there. I don’t see a issue.

Inless some weirdos server hoping show up…

You could also get a Staff Member after her phone call with the ex-husband who just got custody of kids… and your SOL. XD


Even without seeing it, this sounds as something you should build on a private server or in single-player. For officials, you will most likely get reported and admin wiped.


Just as a heads-up, if you expect an answer from Funcom, you should probably tag the Community Managers. And if you’re gonna do that, Friday is a bad time, 'cause they’re about to go off and enjoy a nice weekend :slight_smile:

If you’re asking the rest of us, I would go with what @Narelle said. Until the official server policies change (if they ever do), that kind of build is likely to end up getting reported and wiped, sooner or later.

Even if you’re on a nice PVE(-C) server and everyone is your friend and they like it and support you, that won’t stay like that forever. It only takes one person to report you and you can lose everything not just on that server, but on all official servers, since admin action often comes with a ban, and the ban applies to all official servers, not just that one. Also, a ban would apply to everyone in your clan, not just you.

So, it’s probably not worth the risk, considering the likelihood of the negative outcome.


Blocking spawns or not this is a massive amount of land to claim. This prevents others from building anywhere on the island, which would be against TOS. My advice would be to check private servers, as depending on the admin many are more likely to accept larger, aesthetic builds


about nothing. It’s 10PM in Norway. half my age ago, that was club starting time…current age? Why am I still up?

OK going to have to stop you here. There will be tons of ‘it depends’ but if you are on official servers, you will probably get reported for something this size regardless just because there are jerks out there. While I won’t say if it gets enforced or not, it will be at risk building this and you could get it removed. How attached are you wanting to get to said construction?

Hey I think I just realized why I’m OK with all of the enforcement and stuff…I’m not into the build but into the techniques. I get attached to techniques or capabilities to build vs the actual build itself because those come and go. If you know the techniques, you can build again. Which also could be the reason I got so ticked about fence stacking.

Thank you for the advice. I also would like to clarify some things then (not as an argument, I’m genuinely curious). Most people build in areas for two reasons, I would assume; Aesthetics or resources. What is the difference between building lots of small, cool builds that claim a certain area, and some of the mega structures you see in the middle of the map that block elephant spawns and such?

Is it simply a case that the mega structures have not been reported or that TOS are pretty crappy? I know from my experience that sometimes I run past structures that cause my computer to have a seizure (and my computer isn’t cheap!) but I would never report somebody.

Why do they ban the whole clan? That seems like lowkey discrimination to me, banning by association.

Anyway, I really appreciate the advice from everybody, thanks.

Thank you for the advice.

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I understand what you are saying. We don’t really like private servers because the rules tend to become a little whacky. Thanks for the advice all the same!

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That’s kind of what has happened, most people were okay with everything but then some girl and her boyfriend have joined and she’s just making noises trying ot throw her weight about. It’s super annoying but ultimately, if the devs are cool with that kind of toxicity and encourage it then I can’t do anything so I appreciate your time and advice, thanks.

The differences are numerous, but the bottom line is that both can get you wiped and/or banned.

If you build a massive structure in a way that makes the server lag, then Funcom could act on a report against you because you’re affecting server performance.

If you build a big, sprawling structure that blocks many resources, or blocks one or more important spawns, or blocks a discoverable POI, then Funcom could act on a report against you because you’re blocking game content in a significant way.

If you build a sprawling village with lots of small buildings that serve no purpose other than being decorative, then Funcom could act on a report against you because those buildings have no in-game purpose other than to prevent other players from building there.

If it doesn’t get reported, then there’s no guarantee Funcom will ever investigate it. They have a handful of people to moderate official servers, and I don’t even know if it’s their only responsibility (I doubt it), which means that there are way too many servers and way too few people to have dedicated admins.

So instead of proactive moderation, they react on Zendesk reports.

No offense, I am not entirely sure what point you’re trying to make here. The reporting system is there for people to report problems they have with their in-game experience on official servers. If you have some problem with your in-game experience and you don’t report it, that’s your choice and you’re entitled to it.

Because buildings and placeables belong to the clan, not to a player. And I don’t mean talking about rules here, I’m talking about how the game is literally implemented. The game database has the owner ID for each building piece and placeable, and that owner ID is the clan ID for buildings and placeables built by players in a clan. The only time the owner ID is a player ID is when the owner is not in a clan.

But even if the game was not implemented that way, how do you determine building ownership when different pieces can be placed by different players in the clan? Say I put down the foundations, and then you place the walls, and then your wife places the roof, who owns the building?

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If you’re building this on an official server, I would stop asap. Building towns/villages is getting players banned. You will want to keep this in single player, or a private server that allows massive builds like this.

Well here is some answers for u. I have seen players take up the entire island that your talking about and are still there today. Like everyone above is telling you, you can do it but its a massive build and most likely someone sometime is gonna report it. So its just not worth the trouble. Keep in mind that funcom has a program that will auto wipe any base that is blocking certain points of interest. It is done by the game not an admin. Start your own server and advertise it to get other players and build your massive villages in glory. It`s only 20.$ a month and you can do whatever u want. Let us know when done im come visit.


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