Help with my stuff

Hello guys, so I wanted to know how I can return my buildings and stuff if I was invited to clan, and after some period of time I left that and now I can’t do anything in my house?

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it belongs to them now


@JosephXP659 what @Cyryus said is correct when you join a clan all of your stuff belongs to the clan. If you left under good circumstances you could have taken everything you could carry on your self but building stay with clan. One reason to have a clan name even when solo is that someone can give you a invite to clan without a person realizing what you are agreeing to then they kick you from clan and they own all your belongings . Sorry for your loss of buildings and belongings.

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Last year I wrote this thread

But if you’ve already left the clan, it’s too late.

If you left on good terms you could ask to be invited back into the clan.
To avoid unpleasantness, make sure the clan leader knows you just want to recover as much of your stuff as possible before leaving again

If you left under duress you will most likely need to just start over, but remember this lesson learned.


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