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I belong to the Surviors clan on Offical server #3549 on PS4. Our leader Royal Smooth has been inactive for 2 months now and has deleted his PSN account in general. He still has leadership of our clan and we aren’t able to contact him in any way. I am TheJardee on PSN , me and my friend Evil2Some (on PSN , also in clan) are the only members active since Smooths absence. We would greatly appreciate if you would be able to kick him from our clan at least , since he has decided to quit PSN in general. I reached out to Funcom Customer support. Just love to find answers , It would be unfair to leave our clan and not be able to keep the stuff we worked so hard for. Please help. Thanks.

There is nothing funcom will do.Others have had the same issue…what I would do is respec in full encumbrance and rest in stamina…make enough stuff to build a new base and boxes…take everything you can with your clan mates…once you guys have everything possible, and have made some boxes…do not place anything yet! Keep everything on your toon…leave the clan and rebuild…if you cant open anything you will have to wait for it to decay,then get the stuff…I’m not sure how the clans permissions go,but if you can demolish the floor under a box that you cant open it might break and turn into a bag you can loot.

just put down some founndations near the site, empty all products into the vaults or vaults. then dismantle everything so you can rebuild a new base with the recycled materials after you create a new clan. make sure you unlock anything before leaving the clan.

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