Help with super tendons

can some1 explain to me how super tendons works? i have had since the begning, still haven’t gotten any use of it.

i thought it would make it so selma passively could climb ladders and so on.

can anyone give me a scenario where super tendons is used?

Super Tendons is a Combat Passive. It is activated by using Sprint, which means that unless you have Run ‘n’ Gun, you can’t do any other actions with Selma after it.

A use for this is as follows:

  • Selma has a Scattergun
  • We are all on low ground
  • There is a Ghoul Hunter in low cover on a higher elevation, but not that far away
  • The ladder is behind him, and away from us
  • Normally: we have to either take potshots at the Hunter from below, or try to circle around behind him to the ladder
  • W/ Super Tendons: I can have Selma sprint up to the higher elevation even without a ladder, and using Run ‘n’ Gun, blast the Hunter, too

I have tried that numerous times. will try again

Honestly i can’t get super tendons to work, nor moth wings.

So far I’ve only gotten Moth Wings to work for raising Dux up higher, in a 3x3 square when in combat.

Edit: Also, this is important: is Super Tendons equipped in her passive? Are you sure you aren’t also using Contortionist which uses the same slot?

yes, i have made sure. it just does not work for me. which is problamatic. i play iron mutant, and i just lost bormin out on the cult farm because she couldn’t climb down from her vanage point(i dont have run and gun with her, but from what i read she should still be able to climb up and down). even though she is just on a truck, and there is a ladder there. really annyoing.

restarting my whole campaign now.

You don’t need to sprint to use Super Tendons, normal move works aswell.
But to use Super Tendons or Moth Wings you’ll need to change elevation with mouse scroll on pc, at least I remember reading somewhere it was the mouse scroll. On ps4 it’s up and down on the d-pad, propably on xbox aswell.

yup you were right regardin the moth wings :slight_smile: - and turns out that it was the same issue with super tendons, so problem fixed :slight_smile:

Good to hear that you got it working. Also I think that Moth Wings can be used in 3x3 cube as in one tile to any side and up to two “tiles” up.

I’ve only used Moth Wings once and ended up with a bug when Dux got shot down and was bleeding out and I couldn’t get medikit to highlight him :confused:

sounds incredibly frustrating :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, ended up loading an earlier save and trying that fight again.
I hope it was a one-time bug only, otherwise I won’t be using Moth Wings much :frowning:

Or maybe I should try to use those medikits before fights and not starting them with half health :grin:

It’s funny how often people miss changing the elevation, even though it changes the mouse cursor to tell you to do that. I was watching a streamer the other day and kept having to tell them. Ditto with throwing grenades.

I think maybe what they should have done was have clicking on moth wings always re-center on Dux and raise the elevation a level. That way you’d see the white grid and see it go away when you moved your cursor off him. And clicking on grenades lowers the elevation to the ground by default. I think that would help people most of the time.