Herbs that cross the foundations, Invisible Mushrooms in Low graphic détails

  • (1) Herbs that cross the foundations.

  • (2) Invisible Mushrooms in Vegetation / Plants: Low graphic details Level.

  • 1st point :
    Given that I have a PC a little old (2015, it’s not so old but the new games still require more power, a big graphics card … etc, and it’s very annoying), so not enough powerful to put all the graphic details at the high level, I put the herbs (vegetation) down, level Low.

But when I learned that there were also mushrooms, the place where these mushrooms are, which I had already visited, the mushrooms did not appear. So, I put the graphic details of the herbs in Medium level. This is where I discovered that mushrooms can not be harvested in Low graphical level.

And that’s not normal ! BTW :frowning:

  • 2nd point :
    At the low level, the grass does not appear either.
    And so by putting the graphic details in the middle (Medium), I realized that the herbs pass through the foundations, when they are only slightly higher than the ground.

This too is not normal, the grass should disappear when placing a foundation.

But it is not so serious because in fact, to protect itself from enemy attacks, it is necessary to have higher foundations and a high base in height …

That said, plants (not harvestable obviously) that cross foundations is not a good thing !

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