Here's a nice screeny

Having to fight enemies that can clip through the terrain is bad enough. This evening I had a super croc walk right through the wall of my build and start tearing up the place and thralls. He didn’t crash through it, he walked through like it wasn’t there. I didn’t get a screeny of that because I was too busy trying to save thralls and stuff I worked my behind off for. A little late in the game for this sort of thing, eh?
No, I’m not reporting a bug…I’m fairly certain FC knows this exists. Just sharin’ the good times…

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I’ve had a wolves walk straight through my castle wall near the Circle of Swords.

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dont worry your postshoudlbe taken down within 6 hours. people hate it when players report bugs and glitches. be happy you never lost your corpse under a mountain you never climbed on

I also like to see NPCs greeting me and standing next to me in my house because they phased through the entrance door I just closed.


I once fighted the ice dragon underneath the forst temple, when he stuck like that…

But he got only stucked at half health (dunno why)… And I had to wait for the weapons to be finished in the frost smitty anyway and killed him (was disappointed that you cannot get a head from it - the next illogical thing. Green and red dragon have heads to harvest. White/snow not).

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This should be fixed.

Flying Rhino’s however should not be fixed.


Flying Rhinos. That would be a great clan name.


15+hours and it’s still here. Posts reporting bugs and problems aren’t taken down. For evidence just look at the general discussion page, it’s 90% people raging and throwing tantrums about things. Not taken down.



Reminds me of this:

(MtG card “Elephant Ambush” - Illustration: Anthony Scott Waters.)

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