Here's an Idea!

Instead of doing a massive update/bug fix why not do it in small batches…because it’s obvious your current method doesn’t work.

Another a week of not being able to play game while you sort the mess you have made…

Here’s an idea, stop demanding them to release updates early when it’s clear they have not done their homework properly.

Here’s an idea, read the message before you slag me off, I didn’t in anyway demand updates early. I ask them to do it in batches to help the game…if you had any idea what the programmers go through you be silent.

There’s a hotfix scheduled for tomorrow. (they will work on a Saturday on this apparently. Pretty hardcore for July in Norway)

I know but gaming is massive for many years you think the companies would learn, small is better less problems…remember (We don’t have your high level spec pc’s) plus you have given mods, learn from this we pay because we love what you produce help us!

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