He's up display or HUD

I’ve said this before but clearly the devs do not care?

The reticle dot on the PS4 is a tiny dot and can’t be enlarged. Why can’t you patch or update a slider or dial incorporate into the settings to make this larger, smaller, the same or gone?

I don’t know about the kids vision, but I can’t afford thicker glasses, just to see this tiny dot and if it’s on the object I’m trying to interact with.

For the love of all things holy, fix this?

I think you mean ‘heads up display’, but you can disable the dot on your screen in the settings menu, along with nudity setting, journey steps, etc.

I need to make the dot larger. It’s so tiny, I even bought a 65 inch TV lol, it made the dot smaller. Please devs allow us to.make the dot larger

The whole UI needs a rework, we should have the option to be able to move the health bar in the chat around the screen and be able to size it to the scale that we want.

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