Hexcoins inaccessible without spending Aurum


You can’t compare it to TSW because that comparison is irrelevant, not because you are comparing it to a shooter, but because TSW is a failed game.

It is very important to compare it to other F2P games because that is your competition. TSW is not competition because the only money they have in TSW at this point is probably servers. In fact, I bet leaving TSW open is probably hurting them more than helping them (people that refuse to leave but would if no other choice). But leaving TSW open is more of a goodwill gesture than anything.

The important thing for F2P models to do is to be good enough that F2P players want to play it and feel that their grind is rewarded fairly. Why is this important? F2P fill the ques, buy things on the ah, make the world seem lived in. Those things are all important to whales. Without F2Players whales don’t invest. That is why a F2P game has to walk a fine line between generous and greedy.


Woodcutter cough


From what I see in-game every day, SWL is succeeding at all of those things. Feel free to tell me how that’s not actually relevant in this case but do be careful not to put your back out moving all these goalposts. :v:


How are you making that declaration? What are you basing your assumption on? I’m assuming anecdotal evidence, same as me… Either way, you are obviously playing a different game and reading different forums than I am. Just a quick glance at these forums and in the hot topics section there are five other (not including this one) discussions about the dislike/complaints for the agent drop/cost system. And that’s just by looking at titles and having read some of them myself, that doesn’t even take into consideration the discussions that take place in topics that aren’t obvious by their title and the Reddit boards. Also if you go back to release you will see a hefty dose of negative feedback in the forums for their system (points was a big one until they made their stupid decision). How many of those people didn’t even hang around in hopes of a better system like me and is now gone for good?

But, those are subjective numbers and observations. We won’t know anything for sure until FC releases player numbers which I highly doubt will ever happen. I really do hope you are right and I am wrong though. I hope that I am in the minority because I would like to see more story. I guess time will tell.

However, it’s not me moving the goalposts, it’s more like you grasping at straws…


This thread is a mess and is inching towards getting locked due to the argument brewing in here. There is something to be said about both sides here (Funcom is not a charity vs. overall user experience) but please remain objective and try not to make jabs at each other.


I see lots of people playing the game every day, lots of activity in general chat, there’s always plenty of people around to run content with and you see people with wildly varying levels of gear doing that content - so I think it’s safe to assume the game has a decent mix of players across the cash-spending spectrum. I consider that a slightly better metric for success than “people on the internet are complaining”.

Funny you should mention that. :v:


I’m not sure I’d go that far… That’s just as anecdotal as viewing trends and discussions on the forums. If I were a betting man I’d be willing to play the odds and possibly lose a little to bet that more people have stopped playing since the re-release than are still playing. But, again, that’s just a guess.

That video looks great. We’ll see how they roll out the release, but I’ll happily admit I look forward to this release.