Hey Funcom. Its me. Sloughing Fluid. Make me valuable again

Dear FC.

It is I. The Bastard Child of the Firebowl. Sloughing Fluid.

I know we rarely talk. Everyone is always so busy with balance bug fixes and you know. Important stuff. All that jibber jabber.

I don’t mean to sound rude. But sitting close to Steelfire and Stone Consolidant is getting is a little old. Even Aloe (who by the way is cheating on Yellow Lotus with Dragon Powder) is getting annoying. All the Dyes are dying with laughter over that one.

You see. I don’t have a job. I never get clicked. Im never in queue. It is like I’m not a person or even an object. I might as well be removed. BUT!!! Please don’t remove me!

I was talking to my friends Paintbrush and Scroll. They were mentioning that their friend Decorative Warpaint wants to become permanent. Until death of course. Decorative Warpaint has always been a reasonable guy.

If he was made permanent people would use me…Sloughing Fluid. I would get queued more because as nice as Decorative Warpaint is as a guy. He can get boring. I’m like the dude who gets rid of your clingy girlfriend or boyfriend.

Now that being said. I talked to Functional Warpaint and she’s not interested in being permanent. She barely wants you to touch her. Between you and I…shes a total snob. She’s only interested in you for an hour. Max!

So. On behalf of Decorative Warpaint and I…Sloughing Fluid. Can you please make Deco (as we call him in the Firebowl grid) permanent? That way I can get some love!


Sloughing Fluid


For the effort as well. :+1:t2::yum:

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Such a ho.

But yeah, decorative warpaint should be permanent, just permanent in general. It’s ridiculous to have it wear off after a time. You could be able to just apply it and it is there. With a new mixture to scrub it off if you want it gone. Forget removal on death entirely.

As far as Functional, frankly it should be a “til death” relationship, to use your thematic post as an example. I don’t see Functional as being so hugely OP that it warrants a short uptime and such an obscene cost for making it.


I totally get ya on that.

But decorative serves no purpose other than making you look awesome.

Plus. Sloughing Fluid would get used. If we ever wanted to get warpaint off.

Decorative warpaint needs to be permanent. Until you wash it off.

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