Hey guys possible returning player. Have some questions

So i played for a good long time on ps4 though i left ps4 entirely and came over to xbox as i got sick of the people i was meeting on ps4. Anyway here are the questions i have about the xbox community.

How alive is the game? On ps4 most servers were dead and there weren’t many custom servers to choose from. So what am i looking at here in terms of servers to choose from.

What is the community like for xbox? Toxic non toxic? Inbetween maybe?

Those are the current questions i have related to the community thanks for helping in advance.

Most the toxicity can be found on official PvP servers. I mean, it’s cut throat, hardcore, as it should be, but players also cheat. From the post here, if you’re clanned up, can commit time, PvP servers do ok.

Pve has problems in getting trolled by area blockade.

I play on pve-c and the biggest problem are other players, ugly eye sore bases. Beyond that, I’m casually actively playing with no complaints.

Then you got private servers which are hit or miss, but claim to enforce rules.

Most server list show 4 during breakfast times, 13 during afternoon, and 20+ during raid windows.

From the xbow stand point, healthy populations all around.

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