Hey Guys xx Empress Pixie here... Im bored.. come play with me

started my own server bc i didnt like the one i was on. x5 xp and x3 gathering rate. ive turned off stamina so we can move around as much as we like. open to suggestions as well. lonely over here and im all alone xx come join me xx server name is The DirtySouth … this is a dedicated server btw xx we restart at 8pm est and 8am est to keep the server running nice and clean xx

Is this server on PC or Xbox?

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I’m going to wait until launch before I play again. The last update just has too many issues right now.

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If you name your server [1] The DirtySouth, it will sort to the top of the listing and be easier to find

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OMG!!! i didnt realize it was on more than 1 system xx pc xx

thats awesome xx thank you for letting me know xx i will try it xx

havnt had much issues on my server. i got a tool bug. but i learned that u have to put your main weapon on slot 1. thats the only issue ive had. your more than welcome to join us when u get logged on xx

Any rules for your server?? I’m currently homeless and looking for a new place for my wife and I to play on. We’re looking for a server that does have some rules to it, but not so many rules that it’s not fun. For example, do you have rules in place for how close people can build together??

To give you an idea, I like to build in areas that I feel nobody will really bother us(we’re hermits). I had my base built up on this big cliff on the eastern side of the desert biome. I log out for the evening and when I return in the morning, some guy built this gigantic tower from the river, tall enough to place an elevator right into my front yard. I could’ve technically put little things around the edges of the cliff to prevent that, but in all honesty, I didn’t think I had to do that.

Also, what would be your rules regarding wheels of pain placement?? I annoyed the admins on my old server because I had 4-5 wheels at certain locations around the map, and they felt I had too many thralls protecting my base(around 40+). I understand if you don’t want wheels everywhere, but would you be ok with one wheel outside of your base for thrall farming purposes?? In many ways, I enjoy fighting NPC’s in this game, and while I’m fighting NPC’s, I also collect thralls. So, you could say when I play on a server, I’m part of the slave trade. lol I’ve given away so many T3/T4 thralls to new players it’s not even funny. So even though I was nice, and was told I can have one wheel outside my base, they destroyed my wheels anyway.

Also, what are your rules regarding how many bases one can have?? I would probably have two bases, maybe three once the swamp becomes open. I really want a base in the swamp so I can do this:

Anyhoo, the main reason I’m asking this is because since I end up being a slaver, I would actually like to open up a trade shop somewhere. Nothing big, just enough for storage, and a little shop area. I would like to do trades there. For example, if someone was in the market for a T3 smelter and I had one, I could meet them at the shop and trade for something I don’t have, such as resources I need, thralls I don’t have, legendary weapons, or even just religious items I can’t craft(once it’s fixed). Also, with higher gathering rates, when you kill a boss you get keys for legendary weapons. I’d also be willing to trade those. So if someone wanted a legendary pike and I had one, I’d trade a legendary for a legendary. Wouldn’t matter which one, if it’s available for trade then I don’t need it, but what’s traded may help someone else out.

Sorry for the small ramble there, I’m waking up and only halfway through my coffee. lol Would we be a good fit?? Would your server suit us?? XD


your more than welcome to both join us… the only rules we have really is no building on point of interest places. no building in other peoples back yards, we want everyone to have a fair chance at being able to experience the game fully. no racist comments or bulllying other players. we dont care how many thrawls u have protecting your base… lol… nor does it matter how many wheels u have or where there located/. omg. the server u were on sounds like the owners were ■■■■■■ xx dont care how many bases u have either. but if u build a base and are no longer using it, please be kind and destroy it. it leaves room for other players to build if they choose to in that location. i play with my husband on here and it would be awesome if u and your wife joined us. we have pvp turned off. no one can loot any of your belongings and when u die, all your stuff remains on your body xx we also have stamana turned off as well… hope to see you guys here xx my husbands name is warchylde btw xx

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whats your guys name’s so i can keep an eye out for y’all?

I just recently started building on your server, Alundra is my name, and my wife will be MANIANA. We made the clan “Swamp Hags”. XD

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Or you can just type dirtysouth in the search field and it will be the only server listed…

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Wouldn’t this post normally go in Dedicated servers?

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awesome xx how are u liking it so far?

i tried to post thi in steam but it wanted me to post it here instead

feel free to invite all your friends xx if im not on, warchylde will be. if you have any problems… let either one of us know and remember… happy playing xx