Hey Venice dude

Yes, you. The one without a caller ID who knows all the things a girl likes to hear like “Merda” or “sizable salary”. Remember me? I liberated your precious rocket launchers from the Purples.

So, funny story. I think my faction boss doesn’t like me anymore since he hasn’t given me a proper job in almost three years. Might be related to me asking what he and Gozen really did under that cherry tree. (Dick can be such a stiff in a suit sometimes.)

Anyway. Job offerings for freelance walking weapons of mass destruction like me are slim, so I’d like to take you up on your offer of a cushy job that comes with an expense account and my own office.

Call me or my agent Thomas Grady for negotiations.


I laughed hard at this! Thank you so much!
The game is dead, long live the dead game…

Asked Sarah about it and this was her response (via text - she’s not much of a conversationalist, but she’s downright eloquent when typing sometimes):

Sort of conflicted about adding my “voice” here.

  • Things to do. Posing things in the Museum doesn’t really count.
  • Moving out from under Sonnac. I really didn’t like his putdown when I managed to get back into contact. Yes, he (sort of) made up later, but if I’m a walking WMD, you’d think he would put more thought into his interactions…


  • Moving into an office job instead of going places and killing things. Bit of an adrenaline addict I’m afraid.
  • OTOH I’m not getting much adrenaline now anyway. You really don’t like other people depending on you, don’t you?

Oh Gaia, he’d put me in meetings with bloviating people I’m not allowed to threaten, wouldn’t he?

Maybe not.