HGN [AOC] PvP/RP 100x Xp 2x Harvest Modded Gods Active Active Admins NO RULES

Fresh server - opened on 4/25/2020


-PvP focused. We want the server to feel as though you have no limits on what you can do, therefore the only rule is no hacking. RP is opitional. Active Admins.

Server Info
-Harvest amount 2.0x
-Experience multiplyer 100x
-Thrall Conversion 0.5x
-Item Conversion multiplyer 0.1x
-Durability modifier 0.5x

Mod List
-Warrior Mutator
-Profession 2.2.64
-Kerozards Paragon Leveling
-Less Building Placement Restrictions
-Improved Quality of Life

Discord: discord.gg/BrZvZkc
Direct Connect Link: steam://connect/