Hi guys my clan is thinking of getting back in but can you tell me first

Is it more stable? can you actually blow up star metal crust now instead of wasting bombs??? Is there a link to any changes or recent changes coming to ps4 version. Thanks for your help.

Complicated question. It’s definitely better as a whole. In terms of Star metal, there are some that still do not break, which is posted about in the forums on several different threads, but there are less that fail to break than previously. Also you can now break them with explosive arrows now, which are vastly cheaper to make than exploding vases (Think it’s like a 10:1~ Ratio.) So rule of thumb pretty much is that if it doesn’t break on 1 arrow, you’re better off moving on. But as I said, it still happens, but less often.

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Personally I play PVE on my own private server with my gf. I have installed several mods to make the game more playable for 2 people. That being said I believe PVE is awesome!

As to PVP, from what I read that is still full of exploits, griefers and cheaters. I would not advise playing on a public server for PVP solely from what I have read in this forums.

PVP on a private server with a proper admin though sounds like a good option from what I read. Maybe PVP’ers can chime in for you.

EDIT: I have tried 1 star metal node and couldnt get it to crack. I didn’t know those things were bugged. I finally redid my feats last night so I will try the explosive arrows method today and try several nodes.

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Personally I would wait until they have deployed the pending patch onto the PS4 platforms… not the current test live build…but the patch from 21Dec that has run into a major problem they are still trying to fix …it’s still not gone to PC live yet … eta for that is “as soon as we can”
Reason why I suggest waiting for that patch is mainly the levelling process … the experience gain from building t3 is non-existant at the moment … to be fixed with THAT patch …
If you are coming back as clan at level 60 then obviously the experience nerf is not important…

though i’m only a PC user, i do read the PS4 section … i see that multiple people have problems just playing this game using a PS4 Pro device … IF your clan predominantly uses that type of PS4 then it’s still very buggy for them and probably not playable… eta on fix ??? Funcom knows there’s an issue but no fix in sight as far as I’ve seen.

Patch released, they fixed many exploits, and I managed to get star metal using explosive arrows.

Not sure if enough was fixed for PVP, but I am sure we will know in a few days. Oh and the XP for crafting is fixed. (according to patch notes)

The patch has gone to PC only at this stage … the consoles are probably having it going through the certification process still … the OP put a PS4 tag on the topic.

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