Hi post cat pictures here



“I don’t care what you are writing… Pay attention to MEEEEEEE”


An older picture, but I still love it.

“Oh, are you raiding?”
“Cat!” dies to the Lurker’s fist
“See, you’re dead! Now you can pet me!”


Meet Simba. As beautiful and graceful as any lion(ness. My brother didn’t know it was a boy’s name.)




South African cats…



Here’s Harley Quinn checking out some toys.


Oooh, I like the background for offtopic.

Here are the two youngest of our cats, and close sisters despite how different they look. On the left is is Loki, and on the right is Thor.


This is my kat, he is a very nice kat and i call him Meer, the guy in the alley i bought him from said he’s a special kat.


Here are my kitty cats playing with the new little house I bought them. Sorry for the last post LOL I forgot to add the pictures, been a long day.


These are all good non-puppers.


you’re a good pupperino




Kittens with their mom


Precious babies <3


This thread makes me hungry.


You didn’t catch the ape down by his feet?


I identify with this so much.


I’ve been heckin’ bamboozled!