Hi post cat pictures here



Turbo, the neighborhood friendly kitty who I kinda sorta adopted.


My little angel cuddles :heart:



They are glorious! Warmeower 40k is much more affordable than the original.


DiscoCat got my advanced user status \o/


[ screaming internally ]


My little Cuddles is getting better, I hope she keeps it up!


Maggie is ready for Caturday.


So a package came in.
My cat:


I see cat picture thread. I approve.

This is my cat. She is a telly addict. She loves Marvel. In particular, Loki (she hasn’t seen IW yet, shhh!)

She also likes helping me play SWL, I don’t have pictures of that though. She just sits between me and the keyboard and occasionally tells me when I should dodge or randomly open my inventory. Her favourite characters are Sophie and Harumi.



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