Hide duel record by default

Casual players who are not twinked do not want to duel each other. Dueling is fun, but nobody wants to ruin their record, especially before they gear up their character to its maximum potential. I suggest hiding duel score by default, and allowing players to display their duel record along with their title in the f10 menu. This way players would not be so afraid of duels.

I would like this too. Disabling the number of solo and team kills and titles as well, so people can maintain a neutral non-pvp appearance, would be nice too.

Also hide the alien kills/deaths and the AI, SL and RK levels… ohh and the breed and gender, so i can keep an no pvm, racist, sexist and 2019 politically correct appearence!

Sorry but imo thats ridiculous <3

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The problem is “long gone are the days when noobs also played this game” :joy:. Seriously now. The issue is, all can inspect and see you are build for pvp and would stomp them…so why bother? When they have crap on trying to farm monster parts on new server. And dreaming of a symb on new server.
Not all can afford or want to use mb to farm with 6 toons all the stuff…then get a toon epening and go around wining duels q afk.
The issue lies with FC for killing this game with choices after choices that prioritized small immediate gains over long term, resulting in huge losses afterwards.
Rejoice for the moment bs patch hits live.
You can kill afk people who want only to get offab armor, increasing your kill count and putting that hard work twink to good use :joy::joy:

While I understand your request I am more impressed by someone with losses than with nothing. Its just worthless insecurity. Don’t be so wrapped up in your dueling score. By the time it matters, no one will care. Duel, and lose. Keep losing until you start to win. Then if someone calls out your ratio just respond with, “lets go”.


Exactly! I have more than 10k losses with all my characters and dont know any who will say im bad dueler :wink:


I don’t think people are scared of how crazy their duel records are… especially this guy:

this strengthens my point. what use is a duel or kill counter when most people just end up farming it? The visible stat is only a deterrence for pvm players to enter pvp knowing they will most likely lose their first duels. Most people don’t care about losing the duel, however they care about the consequences of losing: a 0-1 start on your permanent duel record.

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