"Hide Helmet" and "Change Name" option!

Easy enough, I would think. I bet one of you could do it before morning coffee has had a chance to get cold. I believe in you…

Keep up the great work. Conan has gone from “constantly-crashing-frustration” to amazing…

Skide godt i norske nørder. :wink:

Also, a “bearer” in german is still not a “Kellner”. (waiter)


it would be fun to be able to give nick names too lol, like the clan cheif could nickname people for their accomplishments

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Yep, this is why I usually stick to the Lemurian “helmets”; the Royal Circlet and Warrior Mask still let my hair show. Also, some of the head-slot items are so ugly (Witch Doctor Mask) that I pretty much never ever wear them in spite of their benefits.

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Redesign character without losing level, why not?

exactly… why not? Seems very little work to me, even though i must admit, i dont have much of a clue. It is just really annoying, especially in RP, that you have to start over just to rename your char and take on a new role…

Aye. I mostly use the legendary eyepatch or the Vanir earrings :wink:

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