High performance servers

Introduction to the subject:
Me and my friends we’ve decided to make a dedicated server, and one of the reasons is basically that official servers are laggy and we don’t like it. We’re doing whip-round to maintain the server. If we can do it so can you do similiar thing. It works allright in world of warcraft. Simply: you buy the game with like 1 months access to global servers and you can never experience lags on them, later you pay for next months for playing on high performance server if you like the game.

If servers are underperforming, why would we even want to buy conan exiles (and stay on it), am i right?
You can say we can make our own servers but…
If we have to make our own servers and pay for them, we could pay to any provider (or the middleman - hint - it may be you funcom?) the same amount or LESS for well performing server if one started running it, i hope that you get my point? Why would i buy a cow if what i need is glass of milk?

What im up to? You could run a high performance server(i will call it HPS) and players would pay for it’s maintanance. “Sounds great, so where’s the catch?”
-If you were be about to create an HPS, and let players have ones on their own with the same “mechanics”, there is a chance it would result with unhealthy competition beetween Official and Unofficial servers. But there is no reason for rivalry, if you can make Unofficial servers your allies just by helping them and hosting servers for them. In this way maybe you could even rely on the charges solely whithout having any-single-one-“official”-server at all. “How?” you ask? -Simply by letting people to run their own HPSes through your hosting service in cost of £6 for providing them with well performing hosting service, and players could choose server that fits in their needs in a perfect way.

What would the outcome be? If i can still run my own server and simply pay for it like £6 a month and players on my server would pay you £6 a month for playing on it with completly no lags on the server whatsoever that’s a big win-win situation in my opinion. You can say that maintaining HPS cannot cost £6. Yes, that’s true, but as far as i know from the math i did on my server: every player on the server should pay no more than £6 per month for my server to be self-sustainable with very high performance. But i don’t want to elaborate on the numbers now, because the idea itself is now more important, so you can just think of them as x numbers.

But how to implement it you may ask. So some people may be concerned and ask “Why must i pay £6 a month for playing the game that i allready bought for £30 ?”, and that’s the right point, the answer is “for playing on high performance customised server”. But regardless of good intentions this decision should be in players’ hands, do they want to use this feature or not, otherwise some people will probably think of it as a straight-up scam so i definitely not-recommend implementing that kind of feature by force for already existing servers. Probably the best way of implementation would be making it as an addon. By that i mean making a new server or servers and to mildly promote it/them.

I the end i believe this to be very economical solution to get rid of all the lags on the servers. Forever.

That’s it. Thanks you for your attention, and i hope the HPS idea will be heard by staff.
Will it?

oops i was about to post it in suggestions, can a moderator move this thread to the right section please?

Is your suggestion that players can pay Funcom an additional monthly fee to have access to high performance servers that are better than official servers?

exactly that’s my suggestion

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