High ping and crash after every respawn! Still wait for help from Funcom

Everytime when i respawn or jump on obelisk my ping became 1020 and server crash.
It came with new update x2 farm.
How can i fix it? Because i make gameplay terrible for everyone. No one cant move because i telepoted or suicided and my ping has become 1020.

I cant play normal, so i probably should stop to play before Funcom will fix it.

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Same with me. And i saw many angry posts on Conan page in Steam with this problem.
I dont know, why funcom still stay silent.

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Why everyone ignore me here? I have a real problem, i cant play anymore!

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I’m Having the same problem on this server and it’s causing everyone on server to lag out for 10+ minutes, earlier I was in the getting a purge(My 1st one after months) and it happened twice once at the timer appeared to prepare and again when the purge was nearly finished, I would attach a screenshot as I signed up to post this and new users can’t apparently, Since you put out the x2 on officials it’s broken the game isn’t talking well to the server, Funcom plz fix your game, It’s becoming unplayable for a lot of people and people will leave over it


Server ping of 1020 is usually the sign of the server getting overloaded. Sometimes caused by ddos, sometimes exploiters. If its official submit a ticket to funcom about the issue.

This problems came with x2 farming, and after next update with high experience - this problem became harder and server start to crash every 10 min. Unplayable.

Its the weekend so there’s a delay. If you ping ignasis or hugo, they will be in on Monday.

I have ping 1020 and i crash server everytime when i join, everytime when i respawn PART 2
I already made topic about this and no one still cant answer me
Why Funcom ignore me?

p.s. I have purge and 1020 ping in same time. Thanks for my destroyed base and broken game.

All the servers caught COVID 19 sorry about your luck… dont worry its happened to alot of us including me.
The purge is spreading COVID 19 even in off hours,

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