Highly Ping on a Good Internet Connection

Hello, a few weeks ago I bought Conan Exiles and it is impossible to play on any of the game’s servers. It tells me “Your ping is higher than the maximum allowed ping on server”. However in other games like Fortnite, Cs: GO, and any other I do not have ping problems. Please I need help because I still can not play since I bought it, except in Single player.

On all servers, the ping is 200 or more. That’s why he does not let me enter anybody. I’m from South America, Argentina.
My pc is
Ge-force GTX 750 Ti 2GB
Windows 7

Through a speed test I can assure that my internet connection has a ping of 25-35, however in the game it tells me that it exceeds 300.

Basically when you are checking your connection, you are likely to connect to a nearby server… This usually is in the same country, possibly not even 100km from you.
Obviously the data takes less time to travel there, than it takes when traveling around the world, not to mention passing the big points…

The same happened with ffxiv, when both EU and NA servers were somewhere “over there”. I think somewhere in canada? Anyway. As I am from germany, my data got directed over paris to somewhere in the usa, and from there the data had to travel all the way up to the servers. This easily produced a 2-3 second delay and caused people to fail endgame, as everything hits after 2,5 seconds. People just couldnt dodge stuff as they didnt even see it. They or rather we died prior to seeing what killed them.
Literally had to remember the rotation of skills of the boss and dodge from memory.
…and now go and explain that to 7 other people who possibly “just play for fun” meaning they dont want to properly invest time or energy…

And while this may have seemed to be offtopic, I think it’s the same for these servers.

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