Hills and Combat

Situation: I’m in the “Fallen Angel” part of the map about to start combat.

Task: I’ve found a great spot on top of a hill behind the Chinook to snipe from, all I need is to encourage the enemy to fall into the trap.

Action: I leave 2 of my party on top of a hill behind the Chinook, and send Bormin down to get combat started with a Molotov. 4 of them on fire, all is well. Then I told Bormin to run back up said hill. Bormin was like nah bra, hills in combat are invalid targets (can’t stand on stairs)…

Result: Bormin is stuck in the low part of the map and gets smashed by all enemies just because he can’t run up a hill.

Why do certain parts of the map turn into “Invalid Targets” during combat? It’s completely dumb. The hill being designated stairs I kinda understand from a game mechanics point of view, but still… dumb. Even if they were stairs, why couldn’t you stand on them?

Is it really impassable terrain, or does changing the elevation via mousewheel/D-Pad do anything for you?

Impassable terrain. Changing the elevation doesn’t do anything.