Hip Lanters, Spring Attacks, and Dance Bugs


Hey there exiles!

Loving the game and some of the impressive improvements made recently! I have a few suggestions and bugs to put ou there.

Suggestions: hip lanterns. I think it would be helpful for the two handed weapon player to be able to place a lantern on his hip, like in reality. A t3 deal that runs on oil would be neat!
Spring Attacks. Itd be nice to spend some extra stamina in a large leaping attack, maybe out of a sprint, to close on enemies. My biggest peave with pvp is the perpetual dance of walking away from your opponents attacks.

BUGS: Dance bug. Its happened many times where all because I or a friend quit dancing, in particular the wqr dance, does not mean that you stopped the animation for everyone else on the server. Right now my buddy is unconscious in our base, dancing his ■■■ off.

Oand one final note, the new updates seem to cause a serious lag any time you look at a door or chest or workstation. Im sure youve noticed, but if you haven’t, there it is!

Thanks for the great game!


I support the lantern idea. To make it work you could use the same “use” mechanic as arrows which could change to “put away”. They could implement it to act as a light on your hip with your movements causing shadows. A glowing goop or witchfire as a headband item would work as well


For the combat. Instead of a spring attack, how about if you could walk or move while the attack animation is going, so as to close the distance.


I want the belt lantern so bad!



Hi, these are great ideas, as for the Bugs did you make a bug report? :smile:


Not yet, will do!


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