Hippodrome (race track ) I made on Server I play On

IMG_c0754824-9767-440a-a4ad-bec49aa55485 IMG_ccc65c83-a169-4199-b168-866032b3aafc IMG_c994fc59-2cf2-4292-bf4a-b1e48188e1c6 IMG_0595f93c-aba0-431b-8291-f04584634200 IMG_bded9d65-35c8-4745-85d4-caf03d3943d2 IMG_97c56d4a-adf2-46cb-a2e4-81bc265e2179 IMG_a329b12d-0d21-4a58-9242-082746f28650 IMG_141a0398-6b45-49d7-ac5e-421277dd95be


Nicely done. Just by looking at the perfectly lined hops planters, i can tell you posses way more patiance then i do.

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Thanks so much. Haha ya i sat there and placed moved and placed them hahaha… I was Inspired by another game oddly for it but after a while kinda went bananas and was like meh imma add some Pizzazz!

Beautifully done.
Been playing Quadriga?

Thanks. And no idea what that is?

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It’s a chariot racing game that came out a few years ago from Matrix Games.
Fun game but single player only, would have been a blast if it had multiplayer.

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