Hire GMs for official

The amount of exploits and cheesing is really getting old and the amount of dead servers speak for themselves. I say axe most all the dead servers and hire GMs (or outsource to another firm) to actively police the remaining top 20 servers or so. Also setup better server logging to record in game anomalies to help track exploits in use. (maybe even auto ban clans detected cheating by server log events) Infinite stamina spear/infinite stamina, duping, late 2018 max attributes , offline raiding (Destroying structures outside raid hours with methods devs should already be too familiar with by now) in game lag abuse, blatant lag switching etc is killing the remaining player base. If you can’t start banning the players and clans exploiting on official (As futile as that may seem) I don’t see this game having much of a population left in Q2.

No because this low cost policy

They prefer to pay for 200 empty and cheap servers without any moderation where anarchy reigns, rather than remove half and take quality machines at OvH and hire some gaming administrators

The problem with the ‘axe all these dead servers and pay people to administer your servers’ is that it’s… not really that cut and dry. First of all, you’d probably need a moderation board to determine what is and isn’t considered an exploit and ban worthy… Otherwise you risk killing your population THAT way by just banning people for what the developers may not consider to be an issue. Then you have to consider the fact that there are indeed servers that often appear dead but do in fact have life on them at odd hours in the day. You’re now trying to cram all that onto a handful of servers. To make matters worse, you’re then trying to encourage people onto those servers by having them ‘administered’ which while it certainly would cut down on what is definitely the most egregious of violations, would then encourage more people to want to play… which then causes it to be counter productive, because then you’ll run into the same problem other games had when they first launched. Everyone trying to cram into a handful of servers.

Paying for 200 servers is probably cheaper than hiring even a small department of competent admins though, if you include all the overhead involved. Not to mention the fact that machines can be shut down from one day to the next if required, employees… not so much (particularly in Norway).

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I did mention outsourcing as an option and I’m sure there’s some consulting firm out there that could put together a moderation service. I don’t want to speculate on all the ins and outs of a GM operation, but they are feasible to do. Wildcard for example has a GM / ticketing system that while far from perfect, is better than nothing. I’m not asking for GMs to ban everyone for every petty action, just the players who blatantly exploit to win.

uhuh let’s outsouce to where the scum is coming from in the first place.

If you want a proper community your best bet is on running it yourself.

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