Hitbox of brimstone fumes are to small and Consoles movies

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Looks like (for me) the Hitbox of the Brimstone fumes are to small. With my Pickel i hit mostly thin Air and only a small little Spot (trying to hit anything) are working

Is it only me, or is this a Bug?


i found on the PC Datafiles some PS4 and XBox Movies… It is great that you want to trow us all your great Stuff!!.. really. But take into account we are PC players and so no use of PS4 and Xbox Movies

Can you clean up the PC Client next time and other Consoles before you put this on STEAM? Thank you very much



I agree with you on the hitboxes for brimstone. What I found to be working for me is to walk up and hit them while standing on their base instead of trying to hit the base. I will post a screenshot a bit later to demonstrate.

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Same here concerning hit boxes. They look great but I also end up hitting air.

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