Hitbox, Walking Mode and Sound Bug?

First, can’t tell if these are bugs or intended, even when I’m leaning towards yes, it’s a bug:

First: Has someone noticed how quite often hits against small profile animals (spiders, crocs) and against stone mode doesn’t register, even when standing at point-blank range? Getting a hit against a spider with weapons that swing widely is a pain to hit, even when the target point is all the way down. Intended, or a bug?

Second: Playing with keyboard and activating walking mode (default backspace) makes the camera all shakey and when harvesting the character perform a melee hit animation instead of pick-up animation. Want to know if it’s just me?

Third: When I put something to craft back at base, I can hear the “craft complete” beep all the way across the map each time a new hide/wood/metal bar gets done. Someone else have this?

Thanks in advance,

I get major problems with the rock nodes, and some intermittent misses on low animals. The most annoying is trying to attack thralls under a tent… They can hit you, but you cannot hit back until you lure them into the open.

I rarely use the walk mode, so I don’t notice those, and I never hear the crafting complete ding (even when next to the station).

The hitbox problem is a very real thing. Crocs and spiders for me too, but some NPCs in general just don’t get tagged at random yet very important times. I really want to explore those awesome caves, but I have no way of defending myself when I get jumped by 24 spindly legs and 6 poisonous fangs that are apparently able to hit me, but know how to use substitution jutsu with air constantly when I try to hit them. I think the game needs a hitbox fix altogether. Plz help us Funcom.

IDK about the walking thing but the hit detection is worse than the original Dark Souls… You’d think a fully released game would be better than this, but NOPE. Another cash grab by another company that obviously gives zero f*cks about it’'s product or player base.