Hitting An Invisible Barrier While Climbing

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Has anyone else experienced extreme frustration when trying to climb just about anything? My character is constantly getting thrown off of whatever it is I’m climbing. I’ve just come back to Conan after a hiatus and have been exploring on an official PVP server. I try to climb up seemingly flat surfaces in the environment and cant get passed certain points. The animation looks like I’ve climbed up into an invisible T3 fence. Please tell me that this is a bug and that it’s being addressed. It limits exploration big time.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Start climbing up different cliffs/rocks/building meshes
  2. Hit an invisible barrier
  3. Fall
  4. Repeat
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It happens to me all the time. I’ve noticed some “logic” to it:

  • It happens very often at the point where the character is about to climb over the ledge. Sometimes pressing climb again at that point will help give the game a “nudge” to climb over.
    • It helps if the ledge you’re climbing isn’t perfectly flat. That way you can climb up the higher end of it and then shimmy onto the ledge, instead of trying to climb the ledge itself.
  • Ironically, it happens less often on flat vertical surfaces than on uneven vertical surfaces. It’s funny because a flat surface should offer fewer handholds than a carved or cracked surface.

It’s frustrating, but eventually you learn to live with it and you memorize the best climbing paths for frequently-climbed surfaces :confused:


I have seen it before but man… it happened almost every time I tried to climb something last night. Maybe I just repeatedly picked the worst spots to climb all across the map :cry:

I don’t know how long your hiatus was, but it’s an issue definitely got worse over time. I don’t remember when it started getting really bad, but I do remember it being easier before.


I’ve noticed this as well, recent patchs have made it much more frequent, but it also seems more likely when climbing pre-generated (not player made) structures than it does cliff faces.


I know on Xbox that holding the climb button (A) helps a lot. It stops you from randomly falling most times and can even alleviate that horizontal dance you start to do when you hit a ledge sometimes.

It’s a bit of a pain, but beats plummeting to your death.

Yeah, it can be really annoying. I agree that the more handholds you are climbing over, the more likely to fall. Also on natural rock, it seems more likely to fall when there is a vein of a slightly different color mixed in with the normal color of the rock face. I tend to work my way sideways to avoid those spots when I have the stam for it.

There are several towers that are virtually unclimbable for me now. The one in the passage from snowy mountains to jungle is a good example. When game was new, this was easy. Now I can’t seem to make it up anymore. Trying to climb up to the armored skeleton in UC can be done, but is much more difficult that it used to be. Any of those classic square towers like are all over UC are a pain now, because of all the little ridges you hit before the top.

I hope Funcom reads this and considers looking into it.


I’ve played since before the official launch and only recently took a break for a couple of months. It’s noticeably a lot worse than before. I agree and I hope they see this.

I think some of the newer issues are from the under mesh fixes. I get it more in areas where there used to be some issues with seeing through the mesh. Also,there are areas where meshes are joined and it will cause the phantom fall. Holding climb is now my norm. As for getting over that ledge, i think they need to add a control that allows one to push themselves over, like hold light attack and climb.T


On pc, I just hold down the spacebar while climbing…seems to fix that issue for me.


Thanks for the tip, I’ll have to try that! :smiley:


Interesting… I’ll see if that helps.

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Spacebar helps, but it got worse since some updates patches ago, prob half a year ago. They did a quick fix i remember because we couldnt almost climb anywhere a little while.

This problem seems to start with the anniversary patch :

As I like to climb the black spires and towers of the Unnamed City, I started to have problems after this update.
Hold down spacebar or approach this kind of structure by the angles helps a lot.

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An observation: Funcom seems to have made climbing more challenging by causing our characters to detach from terrain elements we might not be able to see. Over time, the player learns to either avoid these areas or climb around them using flatter surfaces.

One sure way to negotiate difficult terrain is to climb up and to the left or up and to the right. In other words, climb diagonally when you encounter sketchy surface sections of your climb. Diagonal climbing seems to keep you more connected to the surface.


I agree @Barnes. Sometimes it seems natural (and the diagonal is also a good climbing path thanks !).
But other times, it seems just buggy.
An other example : if our character has the max level in agility, when we hold on spacebar and the character detach from the wall at the level of the last ledge, he performs a double jump which can allow him to reach the top. So, climbing is maybe intentionally more challenging but we can double jump during our ascent…
it’s weird ! :upside_down_face:

I agree there are places that just don’t work very well for climbing. Honestly, if I can break the veil here a bit, it’s seemingly due to terrain manipulation and the tightening of the “splines” that support the mesh. In other words, by improving the terrain and lowering the exploit risk, a side-effect is we suffer in climbing. What does help is identifying these places with coordinates so that they can be passed on to the dev team.

Here’s a testable example: prior to the addition of the Warmaker Dungeon, I built on the opposite (west) side of Klael’s Stronghold, on the meaty rocky interface there at the ruins. Those ruins that look like radiator fins used to be supremely easy to climb. Now they’re a detachment menace. If I can I’ll drop a video a bit later – to get up top now I actually needed to modify my behavior and stick to “plain” surfaces. :smiley:

I’ll need to experiment with the double jump, I must admit I see YouTubers using it and it looks interesting. That rolling leap sounds better than continually falling off the top of a ladder, for instance. That would probably be my biggest climbing kludge of late. :l

When it comes to buildings assets, it’s probably more related to “collision mesh” as it is 100% reproductible with every instance of this asset.

3 examples with screenshots near The Watcher and The Aviary :

EDIT : If the collision mesh has been optimized at one time or another, I’m more inclined to suspect bugs during the process (collision mesh mismatch with their visual counterpart, holes in the mesh, unmerged vertex, wrong normals, etc.), than an intentional and logical feature.