Hmm did they nerfed witch doctor spawn at summoning place?

i have been camping the place to kill it (for the mask of the witch doctor) and i have not seen him in 2 days, which is kinda odd as it used to spawn quite frequently,

for some reason its not spawning on our official server,

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Ran into him twice in 3 days while farming alter essence. No mask on either kills but he doesn’t show up. I think the Siptah method is more reliable since it’s not an RNG for the right character to land in the spot like EL Summoning Place is. Same RNG for the mask but the 3skull ghoul in Siptah is a 100% spawn

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yes, but you cant bring it to EL, :frowning: as server transfer are disable, i do have several mask in my siptah server,

i have killed that yog priest several dozen times, and still no witch doctor, too many kills without seeing it, makes you think that it might have bugged (server database?)

is not nerfed, i saw him spawn 5 times 2 days ago while i was searching for a yog priest.

remember to kill the dude that would spawn him to have a chance of seeing him.

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oh i know, the weird part is , being honest i think i have killed that priest spawn about 3 dozen times at the summoning place in the last 2 days, and it always spawns as priest, never as witch doctor… very odd, about 2 weeks ago i was ablet o get several of those witch doctors per day. now nothing…

Just bad luck. I have been farming 5 different camps for a Beri for 3 days and got nothing lol.

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Have you been burning incense and sacrifices to the RNG gods?

If the RNG gods are displeased, then you will get everything except what you are looking for.

yes, but iirc , witch doctor spawn rate is much higher than Beri or most t4 spawn points (with the exception of sinner refuge)

i used to get one of those every 3 or 4 kills if rng was bad…

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