Hole in my character and roof etc

Hole in roof and character bug.
I’ve been dealing with this problem since I bought the game.
What can I do to fix it?
yes I’ve tried to tweak the settings, installing the game again… etc.

(I’m too new to post a picture or link apparently… so you’ll have to imagine it.)

Do you have a public screenshot in your steam profile?
Can’t imagine where the hole in your character might be?!
Comment on a few posts, i dont think you need many points to be able to post a screenshot link from Steam.

The hole in your character is called vagina and the hole in your roof is maybe caused by stability issues.
Sry sarcasm out.
But seriously the information you’ve given cannot be used, even for imagination.
I could say: Just imagine the hole in the roof is closed. As a fix.
This wont help you.
Give us more, plz.

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sure you can post pics.

Inworld hit F12 key (that’s the default key mostly), then in your screenshot library, you can link the screenshot, or download it if you want. But it’s allready stored also on you pc.

if you use under windows 10, it is in userdata (may be hidden): userdata > 126763111 > remote 440900 > screenshots
for Windows 10 must be a similar path, google it !

then upload pic here, in the text editor you use to answer as usual, the little pic. Easy ! :laughing:

Also don’t forget your pc specs, this also may help

Also check still your drivers, control game-files on steam.