Hollopoint Farewell

So sad to hear this, he was a great guy, always cheerful and helpful, people like him made this game and community much better place, my condolences to his family and friends, he will be missed.

His art will be also missed. His voice too, beautiful accent, brings back memories.


I learnt of Hollopoint’s passing ten minutes ago. All I can do is echo all of what has been written above. He was always there going back to the start of TSW.

Rest in Peace brave soul.


Rest in Peace :sob:




The death of Hollopoint will leave a void in SWL’s great community. Knowing them for several years they have have always had a deep love for this game but would have left many years ago if that love were for only the game itself. Hollopoint was drawn to the community and a desire to keep the community strong. I pray that his soul can rest in peace as that community continues to grow and love the things he loved. May the Megaversary 4 be an account of what inspired him. Stay strong fellow bees.


Rest in peace Hollopoint and my deepest condolences to everyone who knew him.


you will be missed rest well


Nine Swords Dedication to Mark
(As read at todays MEGAversary opening show)

The heartache and pain that has ripped through our community since we learned of the passing of Hollopoint has been fierce and consuming - yet the support shared, kind words spoken and amount of people reaching out has been like a comforting blanket, enveloping and protecting.

Our cabal, Nine Swords, is grieving the loss of one of our most active and respected members - however we see that the loss of the community is not less than ours.

Hollopoint may not have set out with the mindset that he was going to Bee the Change - but he was a catalyst for it. Perhaps he woke up one day with the decision in his head not to refuse to do whatever he could do. Or it was his nature.

His journey through life with all the ups, downs and in-betweens made him strive to be a good person. It is clear from the conversations I have had with so many of our community since Monday that he inspired you through his creativity. That he encouraged you to be your best self and get involved. He gave and rarely expected anything in return.

We did give him some things in return. He had some serious fan-girls and fan-boys in the cabal who always commented on his art work. It was a continual stream of incredible work that still never sated our need for more. We praised him, offered feedback and honest critique - he continued giving and gifted us with two incredible Graphic Novels and countless promotional material.

We enjoyed sharing ideas for projects together. Thinking back to those early days when MEGAversary was just an idea - we honestly never considered the amount of World Bosses we were going to end up fighting … and are still fighting.

It was a joy to team with him, to celebrate his successes as an artist, to just spend time chatting, laughing and landing in the Anima well many times together.

To say we are going to miss him is an understatement. The lack of his presence is already unbearable. If you knew Hollopoint, if you were inspired by him, if you loved him - we share your sorrow, and we hold you tight in our thoughts and hearts.

We are grateful you are here today to celebrate the life of an incredible cabal member, friend and generous passionate person. We need you to all help us carry the baton on, and ensure that what has been started never fades to dust.

We will miss you, Mark. Rest in peace.
With love, Nine Swords.


RIP :cry:


This is very sad news. It feels even more poignant since he passed away so soon after posting Megaversary 4 announcements. I keep seeing those posts and feeling like it must be a mistake.

He contributed so much, and was such a kind and generous spirit.
RIP, Hollopoint. :cry:



My heart aches as I type. Who was HolloPoint to me? My friend, my officer for many years in our TSW guild Crusaders ran by Drakt and myself ElliePie. I loved your sense of humour, I absolutely loved our time together in PVP and your loyalty above all. I am so pleased we were able to play together again quite recently and thoroughly enjoyed that wonderful accent that was unmistakable. On behalf of all of our guild and the friendships we made along the way, thank you for such wonderful memories. ElliePie, Drakt, Lodore, Ricke and DarkDays. xx


That was my guild back in the old days too, and I have so many wonderful memories of the game back then. Me, Hollo and LadyPyre used to do dungeons and elite quests together all the time. Lovely to hear from you again ElliePie. It’s been far too long.


I had to make a new account. Been playing since the early days of TSW. Knew him when I joined ODO and eventually became an officer under him. We had the good and bad times together. He was a good guidance for me. I really have no words and was shocked as hell to hear/read about this.
Hollopoint, Mark…May you rest in eternal peace. You will be missed and your memory will be very alive in all of us.
Omne datum optimum


Another former ODO officer here, just checked in on the game for the first time in a while to learn this shocking news.

It feels fitting to read back on this thread and see so many screennames that I still recognize from our shared time in TSW. Hollo put so much energy into bringing us all together and it’s hard for me to imagine the game without him, his amazing healing, and his wonderful imagination and graphics-making.

When I was a newer player I learned so much about this game from watching his example, and have so many memories of El Dorado and Stonehenge alongside him (and also many of the rest of you). I also remember many ODO NY raids that would absolutely not have been possible without him trying to keep us all alive.

Thank you, Hollo, for all that you did to sustain and inspire us. I hope that you are at peace wherever you are.

Best wishes too to the rest of you. <3


Very sad to hear this news. I always appreciated how Hollopoint did so much for the community. Thanks, HP, for always hosting such great events and helping to keep the community together.

Hugs to his family and friends.


I was working on a project with Mark at the time of his passing. If anyone can tell me how to contact his next of kin, I would much appreciate it.

Mark posted on Deviatart as IceNeuro, which was where I found him. Some of you might want to stop by there and share your thoughts.


Hi, Pinged you a PM.


I might not be reach them that way. Do you know of another method?


Hey, good news. It looks like I’m going to be able to reach Mark’s brother.