HolloPoint's 2D and 3D Artworks

“Fighting the Madness”:

Another piece based on “The Moons of Madness”. I had to do a fair bit to get this one as it is.


“Lost in the Sands of Madness”:

This one is not as “wham-bang” as previous ones, but a test of “God-Ray” Lighting and something menacing…


“Ancient Japanese Vampire”:

I’ve not used this vampire model until now.


“Corridors of the Madness”:

Sleep? Sleep only brings the madness :slight_smile: Head hit the pillow and I though of this configuration… took a while to get right-ish again.


“Xeno Queen of Madness”:

“Oh S**T! Hmm glad I’m wearing a spacesuit!” Boss fight! I’m just going with models I have that seem appropriate :slight_smile:


“Face to Face With the Madness”:

“See you Jimmy, Yur infur a kickin!”. Or is it? … Another experiment with subtle lighting and volumetric shadows. I hope I don’t go “Blergh” :slight_smile:


“Valley of the Madness of Men”:

I’m going for a more self-designed spacey backgrounds. Got a few more models, lol.


“Valley of the Madness of Men (Update)”:

Our intrepid hero discovers more Madness in the Shadows of the Moons. Another piece based on the upcoming “Moons of Madness”. The version above was not right.


“Rising From the Sands of Madness”:

This one is a bit fwar out wabbit. Still experimenting (of course). Look like he’s about to break into song though :slight_smile: I hope the art goggles will not be too bad in the morning.


“The Birth of Madness”:

Went a bit fwar out again… always with Igor present :slight_smile: I THINK I’m coming to the end of these images but, you never know :slight_smile: As always the Humans stuck in the middle.


“Into the Depths of Madness”:

I hope with doesn’t just look like a cluttered mess. Travelling into the depths of madness, our hero’s journey to find the source of the madness on Mars… continues… :slight_smile:


“In the Egg of Madness”:

The previous “The Birth of Madness” was not very good. So I updated in major stylie :slight_smile:


“Valley of the Madness of Men 2”:

More experimentation, the previous “Valley of the Madness of Men” was a bit “blergh”, so I watched some tutorials on creating spacey effects. Still spaceyness in progress :slight_smile:


“Agent Rogue Lynx”:

Trying for the soft and dreamy again. Various stages to this,… the usual bloom over individually rendered lights and a volumetric. A Slight bleach again and a black gold filter on hard light at low opcacity. Added in a few just nasty, mean, horrible, dispicable things :stuck_out_tongue: I hope the lighting is not too bright, feel free to comment.


“The Maelstrom”:

Well :slight_smile: This was taken from a dream actually. I was investigating “strange happenings” in a Scottish seaside town. Buildings being destroyed, people dying etc. I thought it was Cthulhu Mythos related but, after investigating in local records I could find no information. So I went to a local shrine/statue and asked for help. A mysterious ghostly figure appeared and started to give me information, as we talked. Then, the entities sent some servants of the dark after us. I was picking them off one by one with magic, but I could not keep up. So at the end, I called down the “Maelstrom” and fried everything in the area with a great gout of magic. Then I woke up. So this picture came into being.

I did do something along these lines back a bit in the gallery, with a knight Templar doing the “Holy Fry-up” :slight_smile: Hopefully this is a bit more accomplished. Took a long while to do this, rendering off each beastie then masking it into the scene. Then I Sandstorm actioned the beasties and spent a while toning it down a bit. Slight film grain over the end image.

Any comments, feel free, still not sure about it.


“Guardian of the Shrine - Nine Swords”:

A promo-piece for Nine Swords :slight_smile:


“Dark Knight of the Moon”:

Aww ok, it’s not a directly SWL related image, but it’s maybe the best paint I’ve produced, lol. For the Future! Working on another paint more SWL related atm.


“Earth Devourer - Work in Progress”:

A more or less paint for this one. Still a fair bit to do but, putting it up helps, from any comments you folks have and with the size and so on. I’ll probably have to detail it a lot more and fix the suckers. Fix the eyes a bit as well.


“Earth Devourer - Finished”:

The is the finished thingie. Not exactly brilliant, the beastie looks a bit like a lump o’ s**t, but I learned stuff anyway :slight_smile: I did a few things, gave him, it, whatever… a visit to the Cthulhudontist. I felt the teeth were a bit weak. A few other tweeks here and there.


There is an outfit that is pretty close to this in SWL though - minus the mask, @HolloPoint ! :slight_smile:

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